About Us

Catherine Lalut

Founder & President
Women in Mining & Engineering


Catherine’s extensive background in both Australia and Chile showcases her ability to adapt to diverse mining environments and gain valuable insights from different industry practices.

Catherine has also demonstrated strong leadership skills as the founder and President of Women in Mining & Engineering WA (WMEWA). As the founder, Catherine has taken on a pivotal role in driving the vision and mission of WMEWA, advocating for equal opportunities, representation, and advancement for women in mining and engineering.

Her leadership skills are evident in her ability to mobilize resources, build networks, and foster collaborations to create a supportive and empowering community. Through her leadership, she has contributed to shaping a more inclusive and diverse mining and engineering landscape, recognizing the immense value that diversity brings to the sector.

Our Team

Paloma Palencia

Chief Marketing Officer

Silvia Gamarra

Principal Advisor

Miriam Holloway

Education Advisor

Karina Machado

Event Coordinator

Nathan Di Camillo


Cristina Briones

Social Media

Diosa Hidalgo

Mentoring Coordinator

Viviana Fernandez

Mentoring Coordinator

Patricia Reyes

Mentoring Coordinator

Nicolle Troncoso

Event Coordinator

Carolina Caceres


Luz Ortega

Mentoring program



Rosario Choquenaira

Event Coordinator

Hugo Flores

Principal Advisor



Values & Purpose

OUR VISION - Where are we going?

Our goal is to increase the number of women working in the mining and engineering industries by 2025, and we want to be key drivers and strategic partners in achieving that goal.

OUR MISSION - What do we do?

We encourage women participation in the mining and engineering industries by developing and empowering their skills and talents through an extensive networking of collaborative relationships.

OUR PURPOSE - Why are we here?

We bring together a diverse group of talented women and men from the mining and engineering sectors to inspire and empower the next generation of female leaders.

OUR STRATEGY - How do we achieve this?

Promoting employment opportunities in mining and engineering fields and providing opportunities for women to network with experienced women and men working in mining and engineering fields.

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