Launching Mining Kid Book: The mine that fell asleep in the goldfields



About the event

Get into the launch of “The Mine That Fell Asleep in the Goldfields” on March 8, 2024. This is more than just the release of a book; it’s a way to meet the characters, who are at the heart of the story. Come see them as they jump off the pages to tell you about their brave and exciting adventures in Australia’s beautiful goldfields. You’re invited to an event where the real magic is in the people you meet and the stories they tell.

Who's speaking?

Cat Lalut

Senior Mining Consultant & President WMEWA

Tyrah Hausia

Project Manager

Silvia Gamarra


Miriam Holloway

Managing Director Yes Australia

Paloma Palencia

Chief Marketing Officer

Karina Machado

Mechanical Engineer & President WIMRA AU-NZ

Nasim Salakjani

PhD & Consulting Process Engineer

Paola Huenuman

Senior Mining & past President RIM

Launching Mining Kid Book: The mine that fell asleep in the goldfields

March 2024 will see the exciting release of a new addition to children’s literature, titled “The mine that fell asleep in the goldfields”. Aimed at readers aged 8 to 13, the book is set in a picturesque Australian town where a mine plays a central role in the community’s life. The story unfolds the daring adventure of a group of courageous girls on a mission to revive a mysteriously inoperative mine. This book is not just a tale full of mystery and exploration but also serves as an educational introduction to the world of mining for young readers.

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