Drill and Blast UG

Working as a Drill and Blast Engineer in underground operations is complex and challenging, requiring a strong understanding of underground mining operations and a high level of technical and safety expertise. The work environment is typically more constrained than in open-pit mining, with additional challenges due to limited space and the need for thorough ventilation and safety measures.
Designing Blast Patterns: Creating and designing blast patterns to ensure the optimal fragmentation of rock with minimal waste and environmental impact. Explosive Selection and Handling: Choosing appropriate explosives and ensuring they are handled and used safely.
Technical Expertise: A strong grasp of engineering principles, geology, and explosives technology. Software Proficiency: Skilled in using specialized mining software for Drill & Blast Engineering, like Deswik CAD, Deswik D&B, or Vulcan D&B.
Reviewing the drilling and blasting schedule, assessing any overnight operations, and preparing for the day’s activities. Analyzing drilling and blast data, planning for subsequent operations, and meeting with the mining engineering team to discuss progress and any issues.
Regular Site Visits: Travel to and from the mining site is common, especially for FIFO (Fly-In Fly-Out) roles.

“Leading a multidisciplinary team allows you to see how each area contributes to the overall value of the Mining project.”

Catherine Lalut
Senior Mining Consultant
President Women in Mining & Engineer WA (WMEWA)

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