Geotechnical Engineer UG

Working as a Geotechnical Engineer in UG operations in Australia is a challenging and rewarding role. It combines technical underground fieldwork with analytical office-based tasks, requiring a blend of engineering expertise, problem-solving skills, and the ability to work under the unique conditions of underground environments.
Ground Stability Analysis: Assessing and analysing the stability of underground structures, including tunnels, shafts, and mine walls.
Rock Mechanics: Understanding the behaviour of different rock types under various stress conditions common in underground environments.
Design and Planning: Providing design recommendations for underground excavations and support systems to ensure safe and efficient operations.
Software Proficiency: Deswik CAD, Vulcan, IMS seismicity and MaxRap. Technical Expertise: Strong foundation in geotechnical engineering principles, particularly as they apply to underground mining.
Production planning, safety checks, coordinating with mining teams.
Frequent visits to open-pit mining locations.

“Leading a multidisciplinary team allows you to see how each area contributes to the overall value of the Mining project.”

Catherine Lalut
Senior Mining Consultant
President Women in Mining & Engineer WA (WMEWA)

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