Geotechnical Mining OP

Geotechnical Engineering in the context of open-pit mining in Australia involves a combination of office-based analysis and on-site fieldwork. It requires a balance of technical acumen, practical skills, and the ability to work in often remote and challenging environments.
Planning and overseeing geotechnical operations within mining sites, with a primary focus on ensuring ground stability, safety, and regulatory compliance in accordance with Australian mining laws and standards.
Software Proficiency: Deswik CAD, Vulcan and Quickslope.
Conducting geotechnical assessments to assess ground stability and ensure compliance with Australian regulations. Collaborating with mining teams to develop and execute strategies for maintaining safety and operational efficiency.
Regular site visits to mining locations within Australia to ensure geotechnical operations are aligned with local standards and safety protocols.

“Leading a multidisciplinary team allows you to see how each area contributes to the overall value of the Mining project.”

Catherine Lalut
Senior Mining Consultant
President Women in Mining & Engineer WA (WMEWA)

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