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Working as an Open-Pit Mining Engineer in Australia involves a combination of office-based planning and analysis, as well as on-site work in potentially remote locations. The role requires a strong technical foundation in mining engineering, effective project management skills, and the ability to work in challenging outdoor environments.
Design and Planning: Mining engineers are responsible for designing mines to safely and efficiently remove minerals. This includes creating plans and layouts for surface mines.
Technical Expertise: Proficiency in areas such as geology, engineering principles, and mining technology.
Software Proficiency: Deswik CAD, Deswik Shed, Deswik D&B, Vulcan, Power BI, Python and Alastri.
Reviewing the day’s plans, assessing reports, and meeting with the team. Site visits, inspecting ongoing mining operations, and monitoring safety compliance. Data analysis, planning future operations, and managing any immediate technical issues.
Site Visits: Regular travel to mining sites, which can be in remote locations.
Flexible Locations: Some mining engineers may work at specific sites for extended periods, while others travel between multiple sites.

Mining Engineer (Open Pit or Underground)

Engaged in planning, designing scheduling, and budgeting. They supervise technical and operating staff, oversee equipment maintenance, and manage the general mine operations.

Mining Engineer (Consultant)

Frequently involved in diverse projects, various mining methods, and technical areas. They may utilize software to model the mining process and work on both open pit and underground projects.

Mining Engineer (Academic/Research)

Investigate the reasons and behaviours underlying mining processes instead of focusing on economic aspects.

“Leading a multidisciplinary team allows you to see how each area contributes to the overall value of the Mining project.”

Catherine Lalut
Senior Mining Consultant
President Women in Mining & Engineer WA (WMEWA)

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