Mining Manager

Mining Manager in Australia is a dynamic role that combines extensive knowledge of mining operations with strong leadership and strategic planning skills. The role typically involves a mix of office work and on-site management, with travel to remote locations being a common aspect of the job.
Operational Management: Overseeing daily mining operations, ensuring that production targets are met efficiently and safely.
Safety and Compliance: Implementing and maintaining robust safety standards and ensuring compliance with environmental and regulatory requirements.
Communication: Excellent communication skills for liaising with various stakeholders, including staff, government agencies, and the local community.
Leadership and People Management: Strong ability to lead and motivate a team, manage personnel, and resolve conflicts.
Reviewing production and safety reports, conducting briefings with department heads, and setting priorities for the day. Working on strategic projects, financial management, and external communications with stakeholders or regulatory bodies.
Regular On-site Presence: Frequent visits to the mining site, which may involve travel to remote locations.
Intermittent Corporate Meetings: Travel to corporate offices for high-level meetings, strategy sessions, or stakeholder engagement.

“Leading a multidisciplinary team allows you to see how each area contributes to the overall value of the Mining project.”

Catherine Lalut
Senior Mining Consultant
President Women in Mining & Engineer WA (WMEWA)

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